Buy confidently with our transparent approach. Because you're a partner, not a transaction.

Agreed margins

Agreed margins

Our pricing is transparent to all eligible partners.

True brand choice

True brand choice

The right solution, from any preferred vendor

People, not salespeople

People, not salespeople

We're anti-sales. We'd rather be on your side.

Avoid the upsel

Avoid the upsell

We'll help you find the right solution, for the best value.

Managed tenders

Managed tenders

Trust our legwork to save your valuable time.

Group benefits

Group benefits

Part of a group? Think, act and benefit collectively.


Buffer stock

Buffer stock and staging facilities get it there fast.

Transparency keeps it simple.

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It’s hard to negotiate when you’re in the dark. We earn your confidence with actions not words. Which is why we prefer to operate transparently. Business is better when we’re on the same page.

What’s Open Book?

Let’s get the money-talk out of the way. Open Book contracting means you see the profit we make on every sale. We work with you to agree on a fixed margin, which keeps transactions simple, and our relationship friendly – the way we like it.

Open Book creates true market value because comparative vendor quotes are considered on the same cost basis. We collate all vendor pricing for large projects and outsourced procurement agreements, and present it unedited, alongside our comparison and final pricing. Our lack of bias means you can trust our recommendations.

Find out if you’re eligible for Open Book pricing now.

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Get the best deal from your preferred brands.

It can help to know people who know people. We have robust partnerships with every leading technology vendor in Australia. Which means we offer true choice for every project. Our team will work with you to understand your specific needs and recommend the right fit for your requirements, with vendor neutrality.

Want the best deal? We understand how major brands sell, and can guide you through the negotiation processes to deliver major savings. Talk to us about how to make deal registrations and bid pricing work for you.

We can ship demonstration devices straight to your door, so you can experience them first hand. Or, if you’re considering server solutions try a virtual demonstration. We’re also happy to come out and walk you through the pros and cons with a hands-on workshop.

Ship my devices

We can ship demonstration devices straight to your door, so you can experience them first hand. Or, if you’re considering server solutions try a virtual demonstration. We’re also happy to come out and walk you through the pros and cons with a hands-on workshop.

Ship my devices

People, not salespeople.

We're anti-sales. We'd rather be on your side of the negotiation desk, working with you to achieve your goals.

Our transparent approach means that you can trust the people you're working with. You can rely on our deep industry knowledge and expert advice to guide your purchasing decisions and processes.

We use strategic vendor alliances to serve your interests, not the other way around. We’re in this for the long haul because you're a partner, not a transaction.

Speak with someone who understands your industry today.

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Zero upsell. Just the technology you need.

Forget unnecessary add ons. The right technology solution can be simple. Our expert team will help you find the right product, for the best value. We’re vendor agnostic, so we’ll never advocate for a product or service that isn’t the best fit for your unique project. Our role is to deliver you the products you need, and nothing you don’t.

We don’t like guess work, which is why we have tools like Live Optics and 3manager to help you make data-driven decisions.

Get the tools you need to make data driven decisions for free.

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Live Optics gives you quick and easy access to data, offering insights into the performance of your IT environment.


3manager is a multi-brand printer management tool that helps you size your print solution.

We’ll do the legwork and save your time.

Running tenders for technology projects can be time consuming. The tender process can monopolise valuable resources you’d rather use to support end users. Let us help. We’ll do the running around, and present you with all the information you need to make the right decisions, and deliver measurable savings.

Find out why the three quote system doesn’t work.

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Experience the benefits of group purchasing.

Think as a group. Act as a group. Benefit as a group. If you're buying technology for a diocese, denomination, affiliation, or any other structured group we can save your bottom line. We help operate large scale enterprise procurement programs that deliver volume savings while addressing the specific needs of individual schools or state branches. Our simple, effective guides balance distinct requirements while maintaining group standards. Use managed tenders to reduce costs and amplify your purchasing power. Let us show you how.

Discover the benefits by viewing a group purchasing case study.

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Buffer stock keeps your roll-out fast and smooth.

Deadlines matter. Keep your purchasing on track by ordering and shipping from a rolling managed buffer. We offer multiple buffer stock options in warehouses Australia-wide. Our storage and logistics facilities can hold months' worth of stock until you need it. Combined with our extensive deployment services you can easily ship fully configured assets anywhere in Australia on demand.

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