Who are we?

Who are we?

Like the great tech cliché, we started as three guys in a garage almost 35 years ago. We were founded on a culture of innovation, with a mission to make complex technology simple. As technology advanced, so did our thinking. All these years later, we apply the same principals of simplification to streamline our procurement services, portals, and transparent pricing structure. Our goal is always to create ease, clarity and true choice for our customers, because finding and using the right technology is easier with people you trust.

Fight modern day slavery

We are deeply connected to people around the globe in ways we don’t always see. Modern day slavery is a blight on the technology industry supply chain that we desperately need to address. The first step in creating change is to acknowledge the problem. We hope that by shining a light on this issue we can bring together the collective resources of our vendor partners to advocate for supply chain transparency, with the goal of erradicating modern day slavery in our industry.

Join us as we develop and publish resources to help organisations like yours make better purchasing decisions. Choices that are based on integrity and transparency.  

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