True brand choice.

Our strategic partnerships with every leading technology vendor in Australia means we offer true choice in desktops, notebooks, tablets and phones. Our team will work with you to understand the specific needs of your users and recommend the right fit at the right price, without vendor bias.

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Our strong vendor relationships mean genuine savings. Upload an existing quote to compare, or speak with a member of our sales team. See how much you’ll save with our ethical pricing model.

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Devices for people

Our goal is to deliver the best possible experience for your users, every step of the way.

  1. Choosing the right device at the right price.

    No-cost device workshops and annual vendor reviews help you to make the right choice for your users.

  2. Fast fixed-price deployment.

    Get your users more productive faster with pre-staging, imaging and Australia-wide rolling buffer stock.

  3. Delight, right out of the box.

    Fully branded pre-staging to connect with users, and make their device set-up easy.

Choosing the right device at the right price.

Choosing the right device at the right price.

Finding the right devices for your unique users doesn’t have to be hard. We’ll here to help balance their particular needs with your budget, so the right product lands on the right desk, at the best price, with ease.

Our process includes no-cost device workshops and annual vendor reviews, where we map your user personas to fully understand what they need. This helps narrow the criteria for choosing the right devices for any particular scenario. We explain the pros and cons of all appropriate models from any brand, within your budget. And because nothing beats hands-on experience, we ship free evaluation devices straight to your door, so you can test them first hand.

We’re on your team, so we go to bat for you to get the best price. By engaging vendors in a bidding process we drive the lowest price for your project. The end result is the best price on the right devices for your users.

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Fast fixed-price deployment.

Fast fixed-price deployment.

You don’t just need the right device, you need it at the right time. Quick delivery is central to great user experience. We speed things up and get your users more productive sooner with pre-staging and imaging.

Need it within 48 hours? No problem! Access a rolling buffer stock through our NextX purchasing platform to ship configured devices, anywhere in Australia, within 48 hours of order.

Want a friendly face to help on-site? We offer fixed-price user migrations, desk-side deployment, and training nation-wide to help your roll out run smoothly.

Dealing with remote users? We can ship devices to wherever they are fast – be it at home, at work, or at sea! Plus we make it simple for them to return their old devices for secure disposal or reuse.

Your time is precious, so lets get the job done.

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Delight, right out of the box.

Delight, right out of the box.

Offer your users a great out of the box experience, without breaking a sweat. Fully branded pre-staging is an opportunity to connect your user with your brand, and offer a positive introduction to your company. Add delight with a welcome letter, a bag of jelly beans and a simple process, that gets them up and running fast.

All your users need to do is open the box, turn on their device and enter a password. Their device will already be enrolled in your organisation’s systems, and connected to your network with all necessary software installed and ready to go. It really is plug and play.

And if users need to return their old device, we make that easy too. We offer clear instructions and QR codes to easily book its return for secure processing and disposal.

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