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Win an HP Elite Dragonfly G3.

Receive a quote on any HP device for your chance to win a HP Elite Dragonfly G3 valued at $3,845 RRP. Terms and conditions apply.

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Test drive the right HP device for your users.

  • For the knowledge worker.

    The HP ProBook 440 is the perfect entry-level device for everyday use.

  • For the interactive type.

    The HP EliteBook 830 x360 with Active Pen is ideal for interactive users.

  • For the leader on the go.

    HP's Dragonfly is the ultimate in mobile elegance and performance.

  • For the power hungry.

    Create new worlds with the CAD optimised Z-Book Power series.

  • For the learner.

    HP's range of education Chromebooks are ideal for students of all ages.

Measure, manage and optimise with HP Proactive Insights.

  • Predict and prevent issues

    Proactively resolve issues before they impact users.

  • Improve user experience

    Track and improve user satisfaction with built in feedback capabilities.

  • The right technology

    AI-driven insights deliver the right devices, software and services.

Build better user experiences with HP Proactive Insights.

hp-proactive-insights-in-useBetter analytics. Better insights. Better workday.

Nothing is as integral to the modern user experience as the daily interaction with their main tools: the apps and devices they use to get their jobs done.

Drive digital experience transformation.

Save users the frustration of a device that suddenly stops working when you proactively identify systems at risk for disk, battery, or full-system thermal failure. Built-in feedback capabilities make it easy for workers to communicate sentiment and provide feedback on their device experience. HP Proactive Insights can also measure, track, and improve your user satisfaction levels with insights gleaned from telemetry, automation, and user-experience surveys.

The right devices to help users excel.

Make new-hire provisioning and device refreshes more relevant to the job at hand, and the person doing it. AI-powered HP Proactive Insights analyse a user’s device and application history to help select, configure, and deploy equipment that’s optimal for them. This customisation is especially important for remote and hybrid workers, who can’t just run down the hall to swap out a laptop that’s not well-matched to them. You can also make your device lifecycle renewals more sustainable and efficient with expert guidance on refresh strategy, device configuration, and OS stability.

Monitor and manage.

Cut down the volume of help desk tickets when you address device and application issues before they cause problems. The AI-driven insights delivered by HP Proactive Insights help you keep track of asset inventory and manage device health and performance, even across multiple vendors and operating systems. HP devices offer the added convenience of automatic remediation and updates.


Delight users straight out of the box.

Delight users straight out of the box.

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More than ever before, devices are personal. So make the experience about your users with a great out of the box experience. If you’re looking for a customised onboarding or device experience to impress your users, you’re in the right hands. We can design and deliver individualised programs to get the right device in the right hands at the right time.

We can help with

  • Enhance your brand with customised device skins.
  • Include personalised onboarding or setup instructions for your users.
  • Connect with your users, and deliver delight by including lollies or company merchandise.
  • Make the return of existing devices easy, with simple device swap out processes.
  • Let us securely dispose of returned assets for simple peace of mind.