LiveOptics helps you make data-driven purchasing decisions.

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LiveOptics is the industry standard for visualising server and storage workloads.

As IT resources and related costs continue to grow, organisations need to invest strategically. Examining infrastructure and critical workload performance in silos can lead to overspending, and vendor upsells can quickly become expensive mistakes. Live Optics helps you overcome those challenges. Make smarter investment decisions with instant cloud pricing, which lets you compare costs on-premises or across cloud vendors.

Live Optics is free, lightweight, remote and agentless software that collects and analyses data from industry-leading operating systems, hardware and virtual environments. Live Optics offers workload profiling that is agnostic to vendor, hardware and platform. It also collects and analyses data from industry-leading operating systems, hardware and virtual environments.

Collect, visualise and analyse workload data.

The Live Optics dashboard shows your results as a summary of individual performance across all systems and workloads, enabling you to refocus on workload optimisation, so you can operate cost-efficiently. Run Live Optics for free in your environment and get the performance data you need to make the right decision for your organisation.

Powerful reports within hours.

  • Comprehensive Reporting

    LiveOptics reporting provides clear analysis of every aspect of your server and storage infrastructure.

  • Public Cloud Pricing

    Quickly and easily calculate the cost of moving your on premise workloads to the public cloud.

  • Analyse ESX, HyperV and More

    Built in reporting and analysis of a wide variety of platforms, brands and technologies.

Visualise multiple workloads, with simple point and click infrastructure discovery.

LiveOptics is designed to make it simple to capture and analyse data. With predefined solutions for a range of technologies, the information you need has never been easier to get.

Server and Cloud

The Live Optics Optical Prime collection provides live inventory and performance insight of hosts and VMs, regardless of platform or vendor. View a summary of your inventory and basic performance stats, dive into deeper performance metrics over time, and examine individual servers, disk and virtual machines.

Supports: Window, Linux, KVM, HPUX, Solaris, Hyper-V, VMware, AWS, Azure


Workloads provides insights such as machine and installation details, supported SQL-specific features, a list of databases, database size, etc. This type of insight is beneficial to understand what databases are within which instance and on what host the SQL Database is installed on, which is perfect for inventory taking.

Supports: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle


Get a detailed breakdown at the hardware appliance level of configuration and performance for your storage arrays. Understand the health of an array, pin-point performance bottlenecks, or determine application performance. This information can also be used to assist with sizing new storage or upgrading existing storage.

Supports: Clariion/VNX, VMAX, Unity, XTremIO, 3PAR, IBM, PowerStore, Isilon, NetApp, Pure, Hitachi, SC, SAN Health

Data Protection

Gain insight into backup environments, including capacity estimates, backup metrics overview, detailed job information as well as information about application and appliance health.

Supports: Avamar, Commvault, Data Domain, IBM SP (TSM), PowerProtect DM, NetBackup, Veeam, NetWorker V3, NetBackup V2

Files and Unstructured Data

Unstructured data is one of the fastest growing data categories in the world. Live OpticsDossier is designed to bring insight to unstructured data through rapid file characterization.

Supports: File shares and repositories


Download sample report

Download a sample Live Optics report. This report has been run against a Unity storage array, and show the usage and performance of the array. Formatted reports, ready for presentation are available for a variety of server and storage technologies.

Download sample