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Experience uninterrupted operations with APC’s Network Closet Bundles. Designed for robust power protection and efficient management, these bundles are your ally in ensuring a reliable and secure power infrastructure. Explore our tailored solutions that cater to your unique needs. Fill out the form below to request a quote and take a step towards seamless power management for your critical network operations.

Targeted solutions for diverse needs

Our APC Network Closet Bundles cater to a variety of sectors. Whether you're a school preparing for the holiday season, a business on the brink of a network refresh, a hotel aiming for uninterrupted service during the summer, or dealing with an ageing UPS, we've got you covered.

Bundles built for every requirement

We understand that every organisation has unique power management needs. That’s why our bundles come in three distinct capacities—Basic, Advance, and Premium. From cost-effective solutions to advanced features supporting mission-critical applications, and premium offerings reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), explore the right blend of power protection and management tailored just for you.


Exclusive bundles for immediate deployment.

  • UPS

    Uninterruptible Power Supply ensures continuous power and smooth transitions during outages.

  • Power Distribution

    Efficient distribution systems to ensure a reliable power supply to all network components.

  • External Battery Pack

    Extended battery packs included for support for prolonged power backup and added confidence.

  • Network Card

    Enables network management and monitoring for optimal performance.

  • Bypass Switch

    Allows for maintenance or module replacement without disrupting supply.

  • Network Rack

    Organised, secure housing for network equipment.

The bundles come in three tiers - Basic, Advance, and Premium, offering solutions from cost-effective basic functionalities to advanced features and premium benefits with longer battery life and compact design. Each tier is crafted to cater to different operational needs and budget considerations, ensuring you find the perfect match for your requirements.

Bundled with EcoStruxure

Simplify edge management with EcoStruxure IT Expert. , EcoStruxure IT Expert from Schneider Electric is the industry’s first vendor-neutral, cloud-based monitoring software purpose-built for the edge.

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Transition to a worry-free power management system tailored for your organisation. Request your custom quote and explore the seamless, secure power solution that APC’s Network Closet Bundles offer. Your pathway to continuous operation begins here!