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Looking for three quotes? Think twice.

Organisations sometimes purchase technology based on an old myth that three quotes are needed to deliver value. On the face of it, the process seems to make sense. Three resellers are approached to provide pricing for a solution or project, and you receive three quotes. However, what you may not know, is that the system doesn't work that simply, and more often than not, the quote you get is not the best value.

There are two main problems with the three quote process; Vendor Deal Registrations, and Partner Profit Margins.

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Teacher teaching students with tablets

Don't let your school's new edtech skills slip

Teachers had no choice but to develop their digital know-how when the pandemic hit. But now that the majority of staff and students are back in the classroom, Tristan Kirkpatrick has some practical suggestions to help school leaders ensure these hard-won skills won’t go to waste

Moving your whole school online is an enormous task for a headteacher. This would be true even if you had months to prepare. But when the government announced in 2020 that schools would be closing their doors to the vast majority of pupils, leaders had to rise to the challenge with just a few days’ notice.

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Relaxed business man looking confident.

CIOs emerge as champions of the pandemic.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic brought unprecedented challenges to many of our customers, we have seen incredible transformations accelerated to meet the needs for work from home and remote learning. CIOs and IT leaders have become integral to business continuity and their increased engagement with their organisational leadership will have benefits for years to come.

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