PowerProtect from Dell is enterprise, cloud-native data protection for Office365, Google and other SaaS workloads.

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Affordable cloud-first data protection for on-premise and SaaS workloads

  • Secure, scalable platform

    100% SaaS with infinite on demand scalability. Deploy in minutes with no infrastructure to manage.

  • Office 365, Google, Salesforce

    Protect SaaS applications and on premise or hybrid cloud workloads with a single platform.

  • True data protection

    Automated cloud bckaup, with disaster recovery as a service and long term retention.

SaaS-based data protection.

Dell EMC PowerProtect Backup Service delivers high-performance and secure backup, disaster recovery, long-term retention and automated compliance. Through a single console, customers have unified visibility and a consistent management experience across SaaS apps, endpoints and hybrid workloads. PowerProtect Backup Service offers infinite, on-demand scalability and ensures predictable and controllable costs.

Secure, scalable cloud platform

PowerProtect Backup Service leverages cloud infrastructure to deliver the resiliency and speed you need to meet business SLAs with a low TCO. The cloud platform scales on-demand and with no infrastructure to manage, businesses can get started within minutes. The platform offers unique features including:

  • Centralized monitoring and management  
  • Automated, no touch feature updates  
  • Regulatory compliance, including FedRAMP certification  
  • Source-side deduplication  
  • Encryption in-flight and at rest

Protect SaaS based applications

Dell EMC PowerProtect Backup Service for SaaS Apps delivers unified data protection, management, and information governance, including automated compliance and legal hold. A single dashboard provides complete visibility across Microsoft 365, Google Workspace and Salesforce.

Protect endpoint devices

PowerProtect Backup Service for Endpoint provides centralized, secure protection of desktops/laptops and mobile devices. It offers assurance that your endpoint devices are protected, whether in the office or on the road. IT admins can remotely manage cloud backup and restore from an online management console. Selfservice restores are possible via a web interface and from mobile device apps – including iOS and Android. Desktop/laptop support includes Windows, Linux and CentOS.

Protect hybrid workloads

By leveraging the elasticity and scale-out capabilities of the cloud, PowerProtect Backup Service for Hybrid Workloads enables organizations to centralize the data protection of virtualized environments, databases, file servers and network attached storage (NAS). PowerProtect Backup Service for Hybrid Workloads offers advanced functionality including Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), long-term retention, reporting and insight into cloud storage utilization. It protects workloads running in the cloud and on-premises workloads to the cloud.


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