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Protect your critical data from cyberattacks with immutability and isolation.

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Dell Cyber Recovery Vault appliance

Cyberattacks specifically target your backups. Is your critical data safe?

Don't let cyber threats compromise your valuable data. The Dell Cyber Recovery Vault offers a simple, effective solution by protecting your backups with immutability and isolation. This solution is compatible with major backup platforms and can be implemented quickly for peace of mind. With configurations starting from just $15,000 you don’t need to wait any longer to secure your data.

Secure your critical data now

Add a layer of additional protection to your existing backup solution.

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Protect your organisation by protecting its data.

The last 12 months have brought higher levels of data protection disruption for organisations as the experience of cyberattacks or incidents has become more prevalent. Having a cyber recovery strategy has become a mandate for IT decision makers, yet many organisations lack confidence in their data protection solutions.

Backup is not enough

Cyberattacks are designed to destroy, steal or otherwise compromise your valuable data - including your backups. Immutability preserves the original integrity of your critical data. Multiple layers of security and controls protect against destruction, deletion and alteration. Physical and logical isolation of your critical data complements immutability by providing an additional layer of protection. Unless your backup is stored with immutability and ideally isolated, it remains at risk.

Dell Cyber Recovery Vault

The Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery vault automates the synchronisation of data between production systems and the vault creating immutable copies with locked retention policies. Additional safeguards include an automated operational air gap to provide network isolation and eliminate management interfaces which could be compromised. If a cyberattack occurs you can quickly identify a clean copy of data, recover your critical systems and get your business back up and running.

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Dell Cyber Recovery vault locks and isolates your critical data from ransomware and other sophisticated threats.

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Is immutability enough?

When considering ransomware and cyberattack protection, immutability is an important component of the backup and protection process. Many vendors promote their immutable backup approach as enough for safe and secure data recovery. But is it enough on its own?

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Assured recovery from ransomware and other sophisticated threats.

  • Immutability

    Preserve data integrity with layers of security and controls.

  • Isolation

    Physical and logical separation of data within a vault.