3 Procurement Pillars That Facilitate the Mobile Worker

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The digital economy has brought with it a large-scale mobilisation of the workforce. Workers are travelling multiple times a week and performing work tasks from home, the train, a café, the airport or somewhere else entirely.

The growing demand for flexible work practices that are less scheduled and more convenience dependent are reflected in a number of recent reports. HP found some 81 percent of workers handle some form of work activity during their own ‘personal’ time, and 58 percent do the reverse, handling personal activities on the clock.1

As Millennials continue to enter and redefine the workplace, the desire for these flexible practices will only increase further, with 45 percent of Millennials outwardly admitting that they value workplace flexibility over pay, and 34 percent opting to collaborate digitally rather than face-to-face.2

For businesses, this means providing devices that facilitate this workstyle. The HP Elite Dragonfly with an 8th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 vPro® Processor fits the mould of the modern mobile worker. Coming in at under 1kg, it’s not going to weigh down even the lightest of travellers.

With optional gigabit-class 4G LTE for connectivity, working on the road becomes simple when you also add audio by Bang & Olufsen which is designed for flexible collaboration.

Working remotely offers its own unique set of security risks, but with the Elite Dragonfly your team can work with peace of mind thanks to security features such as HP Sure View for visual hacking, HP Sure Sense for malware monitoring and HP Privacy Camera in those public spaces.

Having the right tools in the hands of your workers is critical, but from an organisational perspective, having the right procurement policies in place is just as critical in facilitating the device distribution across your workforce.

At NextTech, we provide our customers with a comprehensive technology procurement framework built on three key pillars that transforms the way you buy, deploy and manage technology to consistently put the right devices in the hands of your team.

Pillar 1: Transact

Delivers a sustainable procurement partnership built on open and transparent engagement. The right tools don’t always come cheap, but with an open and transparent margin that is set according to industry and/or annual spend, you will always have the advantage of consistently competitive pricing that significantly reduces your hardware spending. This allows you to rely on a single dedicated and efficient supplier, without worrying about being overcharged.

Within Transact lies a group feature that assists in creating and managing organisational standards across associated companies, brands or states. NextTech can help your organisation bring these siloed areas of procurement together to benefit from greater scale, standardisation and efficiencies.

Pillar 2: TechFlow

A procurement portal delivered under your branding and built for ease of use and streamlined purchasing. TechFlow is designed with the modern organisation in mind. Create custom categories for particular teams who can easily access their desired device setups, and develop custom purchase approval workflows that align with your internal processes.

With TechFlow, your organisation’s productivity and user satisfaction levels are where they need to be, because the technology requirements set by your workers are situated in a portal that is easy to access, and delivers daily ETA reports and updates, with order information at your fingertips, including asset details such as; warranty entitlements, licenses and shipping details.

Pillar 3: ZeroTouch

Leverage end to end deployment of your devices, from our warehouse to your workers without any interaction or effort from your internal IT team, leaving them free to focus on efforts that drive your growth and differentiation.

NextTech handle the configuration, imaging, deployment and VPN integration if necessary, and ship directly to the users that need them to perform at optimal efficiency for your organisation. If there’s an executive on the road and they happen to lose their device or it gets stolen, they can log into TechFlow, select their unique device category and have the new device shipped to them, ready to use within 72 hours.

NextTech offers market leading SOE management in the cloud, hosted SCCM or MDT, and Intune Autopilot White Glove services. Combine these with deskside deployment and asset recycling anywhere in Australia at a fixed cost for a truly end to end solution.

These three key pillars all combine to provide you with a comprehensive procurement framework that lowers hardware costs, is streamlined and simple to manage, and most importantly, puts the right tools in the right hands to drive your organisation forward.

To learn more about the HP Elite Dragonfly or how to give your procurement policies a facelift, get in touch with our expert team today and discover a more efficient means of facilitating your mobile workforce.

Intel, the Intel logo, Intel Core, Intel vPro, Core Inside and vPro Inside are trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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