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Part of your brand, your school, your organisation.

Techflow Online can be customised to fit seamlessly into your organisation. We will work with you to integrate and customise the portal to suit your organisation's image. Individual customisations and workflow integrations can be achieved with our toolset.

  • Match your existing 'brand' image. Great for school BYOD programs, retail franchisors, etc.
  • Customised integrations available for helpdesk systems and accounting / ERP solutions.
  • Work with out team to design and build your portal.
  • Simple, branded portals can be ready in a matter of minutes.

BYOD portals and employee purchasing

Pass on your corporate discounts and pricing to your staff, your students.

Setup Techflow Online as a corporate portal for your employee purchase program, or create a student BYOD program for your school. We can add features like software downloads, service and warranty ticketing and more.

  • Setup a BYOD portal for your school, and allow parents to pick from a range of discounted products.
  • Give you staff access to an employee purchase program.
  • Recognise staff payment vouchers, salary sacrifice, student bonds etc.

Approved hardware price lists and quote requests.

Approve hardware for purchase through the portal.

Our Technology Advisors will work with you to obtain competitive vendor pricing, and create bundles and approved equipment to add to your company's price list. Price lists can be updated regularly, and users can request quotations for equipment not already added to the price list.

  • Sustainably competitive pricing on a huge range of IT products and services.
  • Manage the equipment available for purchase through your organisation.
  • Quote request feature available for all users to request specific or project pricing.

Plan and control your purchasing

Create period budgets, requisition workflows.

Techflow Online allows you to organise your company's purchasing into budget or buying 'rounds'. Key staff can nominate equipment or bundles for budgeting rounds. Equipment nominations can be collated, and prepared for budgets. Users can also create purchase requisitions that require approval from management or purchasing.  

  •  Empower key staff to contribute to IT budgeting by nominating their requests for IT equipment in a given period.
  • Consolidate equipment requests and covert to quote requests or budget spreadsheets.
  • Use the requisition workflow system to manage staff purchase requests.
  •  Purchase requests are tracked and approvals or denials or requests communicated back to staff.

Consolidated invoicing, charge-back reporting.

Make your accounts team happy. Capture department codes, GL cost codes and more.

Techflow Online offers consolidated monthly invoicing. Receive one invoice, with full chareback reporting, including cost centre, capex details and expense information. Receive customised Excel reports for import directly into your backend ERP or accounting system (SAP, MYOB etc.)

  • Up to 3 mandatory cost fields when users create orders.
  • Customised Excel reports showing expenses and capital expenditure by cost code, store code, GL etc.
  • Consolidated invoicing dramatically reduces accounting and administrative costs.